• Colour and texture irregularities

      Stone is a natural material and therefore the final material cannot be compared to one single sample. The following natural “defects” may occur more often:

      • • Small air bubbles are very common, for example, in Carrara marble and appear in small light bulbs, holes or grooves.
      • • Small, unpolished spots or cones may appear in polished granite, and their presence is affected by granite type and colour.
      • • Brighter lines that resemble crackers may appear.
      • • In a granite with a thicker pattern, clearer anomalies may occur in the form of stains, but no larger than 3cm.
      • • Some tone differences may occur between the different pieces of the same order, regardless of the fact that the final pieces are produced from the same material batch.

      Thus, the “deficiencies” caused by natural disparities cannot be claimed. Claims for small repairs made on the stone are not accepted.

      It is important to take into account that differences in quality, durability and colour may occur between materials ordered at different times.