• • The installation site must be prepared for installation, i.e. cleaned and well lit.
  • • There must be no temporary or existing surfaces on the cabinets.
  • • Our installation does not include electrical or plumbing work. It also does not include silicone joints with existing walls, tiling or other surfaces.
  • • Additional support must be fitted in accordance with the instructions given during measuring.
  • • There must be no tiling or other materials installed on the wall, because these would interfere with the installation of stone countertop.
  • • The support on which the countertop is installed, must be smooth and level. Tolerance of the entire base surface may not be greater than +/-2mm. In case of unevenness, supporting wedges will be used as necessary, which may leave visible gaps between the countertop and the cabinet.
  • • Installers will wear protective shoes and you can cover the floors for cleanliness and to avoid scratches.
  • • At the moment of installation, the client or his/her representative must be present on the site, in order to answer questions if necessary, and to receive the work at the end of the installation
  • • The stone and installation works must be checked immediately after installation and any possible deficiencies should be immediately reported to the installers. The deficiencies must be photographed and the pictures sent along with a short description to: If the final customer or his/her representative is not present at the site after the installation, the installation work and the material is considered to be approved and work accepted by the final customer.
  • • CustomKitchen is not responsible for the time when you cannot use the kitchen or other areas because your countertop is still being manufactured

If the above conditions are not met, CustomKitchen has the right to terminate the job and ask for a fee for the work begun, material produced and/or for recurring visits.

In case you have ordered the installation without our measurement, you are responsible for the accuracy and suitability of all measurements. You are also responsible that the stone countertop can be transported and installed in the room. If the conditions are not met, we have the right to leave the ordered item in a suitable place for us and to consider the installation as complete.