• • For measuring, it is necessary that the cabinets or other substructure are installed.
      Measuring “from the air” is not possible.
    • • The area to be measured must be prepared for measuring, i.e. cleaned and well lit.
    • • Temporary or existing countertops must not be mounted on the cabinets. Cabinets must be attached to the wall and must not be replaced or removed after the survey..
    • • The base on which the countertop is installed must be smooth and level. The whole supporting surface has a tolerance of +/- 2mm.
    • • If you want to use other types of countertops together with the stone countertop, these must be installed before taking measurements.
    • • Do not install additional materials on the wall, such as plaster, stucco or tile plates, as this affects the final dimensions of the countertop.
    • • Data on the desired material, edge processing, corner bends, openings and their layout must be submitted at the latest at the moment of measurement. We cannot guarantee that the changes that are submitted later will be fulfilled.
    • • Data about the sink, tap, stove and their layout must be submitted at the latest at the time of the measurement, unless otherwise agreed.
    • • The person taking the measurements will give you instructions on whether and where you need to install additional supports.
    • • At the time of the measurement, the customer or his/her representative must be present at the site and give and receive information about the countertop and its measurement/installation.

The customer or his/her representative must indicate on the spot the location of different openings (i.e. sink and stove), otherwise they will be installed in the centre of the cabinet.

The person performing the measuring shall assess the moving route of the stone countertop and, as appropriate, adjust the size of the components. If necessary, additional assistance or lifting equipment is needed for bringing the stone countertop inside, for which an additional fee may be added.

If the above conditions are not met, CustomKitchen has the right to terminate the job and ask for a fee for the work that was already started.

If you want to make a product according to your own measurements or drawing, you will have to pay 100% prepayment, plus a possible fee for preparing a production drawing.