Prices and payment

All prices are in euro (€) inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise noted.

The order is paid on the basis of the invoice submitted. The production of countertops will be started when the following conditions are met:

If we perform the measuring, prepayment is made in the amount of 30–100% of the total cost.

In case of customer’s drawing or his/her own measurements, the prepayment amount is 100% of the total cost.

When the countertops have been installed and you have received the job, a final invoice will be sent to you with a 10-day payment deadline.

In case of an unpaid invoice, a reminder fee of €6 + and interest at an interest rate of 8% per annum is added. In the event of continued non-payment, the case will be sent to the cash collector and the fee will be added to the invoice. Thereafter, fees may be added to other legal services and expenses.