• Limitation of liability and warranty

      For all stone tops, a 5-year warranty applies if the damage is due to installation, material or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not apply if the damage has been caused by modification or misuse of the customer. CustomKitchen is required to repair/reprocess/replace a product within a reasonable time and without additional charge or offer financial compensation in case CustomKitchen is responsible for any particular error or defect.

    • In a situation where the customer cannot use the product due to product defects or faults, CustomKitchen is not required to compensate for any losses or expenses caused to the customer, including loss of productivity, loss of revenue, or any additional costs. Limitation of liability does not apply to intent or gross negligence.

    • CustomKitchen’s sales representatives will advise you on the properties and uses of different materials. However, this advice cannot be considered a guarantee. As a customer, you also need to carefully evaluate whether the particular material and product is suitable for you to use.

    • CustomKitchen is not responsible for the functionality of the kitchens.

    • If CustomKitchen has not acknowledged in writing its fault or damage in respect to any damage caused to the claimant, the compensation offered by CustomKitchen should be considered as a statement of goodwill, rather than considered as an error or confession of guilt.

      In a situation where CustomKitchen has erroneously entered incorrect data (including due to a typo) on the price quotation or the order confirmation, the incorrectly marked data is considered to be data that was actually considered. CustomKitchen must notify the customer about changed data (e.g., increase in price), and in case of unsuitability the customer has the right to cancel the order.