10. Color Deviations for painted products

10.1. Our painted fronts are coated with 2-component polyurethane paint from Sayerlack or AkzoNobel. If a color is desired outside the standard color range (e.g., from Jotun, Becker, or Farrow & Ball), a spectrometer is used to match the color to the manufacturer’s catalog or sample. If the color is not found in any catalog that we possess, you must send us a sample piece of at least 5×5 cm with a smooth surface and an even layer of paint.

10.2. Please note that color codes are used solely as an indication of shade/color, and complete match with a sample piece or other colors in the same color code cannot be guaranteed due to various factors including application method, paint manufacturer, and different gloss levels.

10.3. If needed, you are welcome to order a color sample from us to compare it with the walls or other surfaces in your room you want to match. The price for each sample is 30€ per color and sheen.

10.4. Unless otherwise specified, we use semi-matte paint with a sheen level of 25 for our painted products. This sheen level is recommended for furniture and other carpentry.
For veneered products, we use a matte finish with a sheen level of 5. This ensures the right finish and provides a natural appearance.

10.5. The available sheen grades are 5, 10, 25 or 35. If you wish to order a sheen other than our standard, as stated above, you must ensure that the desired sheen grade is indicated on the order!