We paint our products in all of the standard color codes, but many color manufacturers have developed shades that are not included in the standard set (e.g. JOTUN, Becker, Farrov & Ball). For these kind of colors we cannot guarantee the exact match with the shade. If you wish to use some non-standard color, we ask you to send us a sample painted in the desired color. The size of a sample must be at least 5 x 5 cm and the surface must be smooth and evenly colored (without shining through). On the basis of your sample we try to develop as similar color as possible. For this purpose we must perform tests (different color samples) for which an additional fee is added. We will also send the sample for you to confirm if you wish. For some of the non-standard colors we can take a sample from the color catalogue, but the sample may still not match completely with the actual color.

If you wish to order doors painted in several different colors, a fee is added for every additional color (36 euros per color). Additional fee of 36 euros is also added if the quantity of details per color is less than 5 m2.

If it is not stated otherwise in the quote, we will use a standard semi-matte color (gloss 25). It is important to consider that the same color may look a bit different depending on the degree of gloss (see the picture below). The differences must primarily be taken into account if you wish, for example, your wall and furniture to have the same color.

If you wish your products to match with the existing furnishing, we recommend you to order unfinished details of which you can paint by yourself by using the furniture color from the corresponding wall color manufacturer. Though there may be differences in the colors from the same manufacturer as well.

Regarding the odor of a color, it is important to consider that it will be strongest in the first weeks after the installation of the fronts.