Enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic with our P3 door

This stylish P3 model showcases a classic design, seamlessly blending with both turn-of-the-century and various other interior styles. Its elegant and timeless design brings a traditional charm to any space.

For more information on how the P3 door has been utilised, you can visit the following article from a Swedish newsletter:

Expressen – How Mimmi and Anders transformed their apartment with decorative molding



Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of our doors. Each MDF door is precision-milled from a single piece of premium MDF, preventing cracks and ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Choose from two MDF door options: unfinished for those who want the satisfaction of completing the project themselves. For those who prefer doors ready for immediate installation, we offer painted doors in your color of choice.

Please note: The door is sold individually and does not include hinges or knobs/handles.

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Additional information

70 mm wide with 8 mm rounded inner profile
Flat 9 mm depth
19 mm FSC®-certified MDF (780kg/m3)
Semi-matte color of your own choice