2. Prices and Payment

2.1. Prices are shown in euros including VAT, unless otherwise indicated. Any incorrectly entered price or currency unit (including due to typing errors) is considered to be the unit that was actually meant.

2.2. The pricing is based on Customkitchen’s current material, production and shipping costs. By notifying the customer in advance, Customkitchen reserves the right to change the price quoted if the need arises due to circumstances beyond the control of Customkitchen, such as changes in currency rates and/or changes in material and/or production and/or shipping prices.

2.3. We reserve the right to correct any typing errors in quotations or other price information.

2.4. For new orders, there is a minimum order amount of 700 € including VAT + shipping due to high production costs. However, this requirement does not extend to follow-up orders. In such cases, if the order is less than 5 m2, there will be an additional fee of 60 € for paint.

2.5. Shipping expenses fluctuate based on the order’s size and the delivery location. Additional charges may be incurred for addresses with challenging accessibility, such as narrow streets, deliveries to islands lacking ferry service, or other logistical complexities.

It is of utmost importance that you, as a customer, provide any hard-to-reach address details before placing a final order. This information helps us to carefully plan and manage the delivery to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, and to avoid any unwanted delays.

2.6. The manufacturing process starts after we have received a 100% deposit to our bank account.

2.8. All invoices will be sent to you by email. If you also wish to receive a paper invoice, an additional fee of €40 will be added.