Maintenance and cleaning

Do not use strong or abrasive cleaning products that may damage the surfaces. We do not recommend to wax or polish the doors either.

It is best to clean the surface with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, but you should avoid rubbing the surface too much. Rubbing may leave a shiny stain that can’t be removed. The stains should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent the absorption of the dirt.

We recommend you to repair the occurred damage as quickly as possible. For reparing the damage with a paint you may use a furniture paint from a regular construction shop that has the same color code as the fronts you ordered from us.

The material of the fronts is sensitive to temperature, sunlight and humidity. A hot air of a kitchen equipment should not reach the fronts as it may cause swelling and deformation of the furniture.

It is important to keep an optimal room temperature (ca 18-22°C) and humidity (ca 45-60%) and avoid abrupt fluctuations of the temperature and humidity. To reduce the humidity, use an aircleaner during cooking and ventilate the rooms on a regular basis.

You should also keep in mind that, after a time, direct sunlight may bleach the color and therefore cause some color differences in different parts of the furniture.

Unfinished doors should be kept in a room temperature with optimal humidity for at least two days before painting.