Filler strip

 Filler strips are used to cover gaps between doors and walls or between doors and the ceiling. Since the door is not completely against the frame and the filler strip is evenly aligned with the front edge of the door or drawer panel, the deco strips are 22mm thick so that the strips would extend to the frame (door thickness 19 mm).

We do not provide installation tools, such as screws, tapes and angle brackets.

Fitting method:

Measure the opening to be covered with a deco strip and then cut the strip to size.

In case of cutting with a power tool, we recommend that you cut the work piece from inside, so that the saw teeth enter the work piece from outside. In this way, the cut edge is smoother and with less chip-outs.

When cutting with a handsaw, the side panel should be cut from outside, so that the saw teeth enter the work piece from outside. For the best possible results, we recommend to tape the cutting line before cutting.

To simplify the installation, we recommend installing an additional beam behind the filler strip, which is then attached to the frame with the filler strip (by screwing from inside). You can also use an extra filler strip, which is installed at 90° behind the outer strip.


If the walls, ceiling or floor are not straight, we recommend adding few extra centimetres to the filler strip length. Then you will be able to precisely cut the filler strip on site and achieve a better final result without large gaps between the strip and wall, ceiling, or floor.