Cover panel

Cover panels are installed for covering the frame sides and under the wall cabinet – flush with the door or drawer front, extending to the adjacent wall, as well as on the back and on the sides of kitchen islands.

We recommend that you order the side panels a bit larger than necessary, to cut them to the right size according to any wall, ceiling or floor irregularities, and thus achieve the best result.

Feel free to ask us for advice and help!

We do not provide installation tools, such as screws, tapes and angle brackets.

Fitting method:

In order to align the front edge of side panel with the door and drawer front, the side panel must be installed outward of the frame by 21–22mm. In the event that the side panel extends out more, cut the panel from the wall side.

In case of cutting with a power tool, we recommend that you cut the work piece from inside, so that the saw teeth enter the work piece from outside. In this way, the cut edge is smoother and with less chip-outs.

When cutting with handsaw, the side panel should be cut from outside, so that the saw teeth enter the work piece from outside. For the best possible results, we recommend to tape the cutting line before cutting.

Side panel is fastened to the frame with screws (screwed through the cabinet frame into the side panel). Make sure that the screws are not too long and do not penetrate the side panel.


If the walls, ceiling or floor are not straight, we recommend adding a few extra centimetres to the size of the side panel. Then you will be able to precisely cut the side panel on the site and achieve a better final result without large gaps between the wall and the side panel.

Narrow cover panels can also be used as spacer strips to “frame in” the doors and fronts. Spacer strips should be installed between each cabinet frame in such a way that they stand out of the cabinet frame by 21-22mm and are aligned with doors or drawer fronts.