1. Terms of Purchase and Sale

1.1. Price offer is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

1.2. By confirming the order, you are verifying the order’s contents and expressing your agreement with the terms presented below. The order is put in production after payment of the prepayment.

1.3. You are accountable for the accuracy of all information you provide. We do not possess the capability to verify the details in your order. Unless any objections are raised prior to making the advance payment, the order is regarded as fully approved.

1.4. Should you decide to modify or cancel your order once production has started, you will incur charges for any work and materials that have already been initiated. To request changes or cancellations, please submit a written request via email to info@customkitchen.eu or directly with your designated contact person within our organisation.


2. Prices and Payment

2.1. Prices are shown in euros including VAT, unless otherwise indicated. Any incorrectly entered price or currency unit (including due to typing errors) is considered to be the unit that was actually meant.

2.2. The pricing is based on Customkitchen’s current material, production and shipping costs. By notifying the customer in advance, Customkitchen reserves the right to change the price quoted if the need arises due to circumstances beyond the control of Customkitchen, such as changes in currency rates and/or changes in material and/or production and/or shipping prices.

2.3. We reserve the right to correct any typing errors in quotations or other price information.

2.4. For new orders, there is a minimum order amount of 700 € including VAT + shipping due to high production costs. However, this requirement does not extend to follow-up orders. In such cases, if the order is less than 5 m2, there will be an additional fee of 60 € for paint.

2.5. Shipping expenses fluctuate based on the order’s size and the delivery location. Additional charges may be incurred for addresses with challenging accessibility, such as narrow streets, deliveries to islands lacking ferry service, or other logistical complexities.

It is of utmost importance that you, as a customer, provide any hard-to-reach address details before placing a final order. This information helps us to carefully plan and manage the delivery to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, and to avoid any unwanted delays.

2.6. The manufacturing process starts after we have received a 100% deposit to our bank account.

2.8. All invoices will be sent to you by email. If you also wish to receive a paper invoice, an additional fee of €40 will be added.



3. Quote request and offer

3.1. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide accurate and comprehensive quotation materials, including:

3.1.1. the planning of the kitchen or wardrobe (the right size and placement of frames and furnishings). The size and layout of the room, such as the distance between walls and ceiling height, and that all walls and ceilings adjacent to the kitchen and wardrobe are included in the quotation request;

3.1.2. desired model and material for doors as well as any need for special solutions;

3.1.3. ensure that the correct specifications for appliances (primarily oven and microwave) that affect the measurements for kitchen fronts are included;

3.1.4. delivery address.

3.2. In the event that the details within the quoted request are inaccurate or incomplete, or if the customer intends to make alterations, Customkitchen maintains the authority to modify the quotation based on accurate information.

3.3. Customkitchen cannot be held accountable for an unsatisfactory final outcome if the Customer fails to supply crucial information or provides incorrect details within the quotation materials. It is essential that when receiving a quote from us, you diligently examine its contents.


4. Order

4.1. Upon receiving a quote from us, please ensure that you carefully review its contents and accept the quote via a responding email.

4.2. Once we receive your approval, we will proceed to send you an order confirmation along with details for making the advance payment.

4.3. The manufacturing process begins, and the delivery time starts counting once we’ve received the advance payment.

Please be aware that manufacturing process may not begin until we obtained all essential details pertaining to your order.


5. Delivery Terms & Transportation

5.1. The delivery timeframe mentioned in our quote, order confirmation, and other communication channels serves as an approximate estimate. While we make every effort to deliver your products within the specified timeframe, it’s crucial to recognise that various factors beyond Customkitchen’s control, such as material availability, transportation conditions, or unforeseen circumstances, may impact delivery times.
Should any alterations to the delivery schedule occur as a result of these circumstances, we will promptly notify you. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery or any associated extra expenses arising from such situations.

5.2. If you need your items later than the agreed delivery time, please let us know promptly. If your items have already been shipped, and you can’t receive them within five business days from when the shipping company gets in touch with you, there will be an additional charge. This charge will be 10% of the shipping cost for each day the items are stored at the terminal.

5.3. If, for any reason, goods cannot be delivered because of issues that are your responsibility as the customer, they will be sent back to us, and any extra expenses will be charged to you. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your delivery details and receiving arrangements are accurate, and that you are reachable when the shipping company reaches out to you to prevent unnecessary costs.

5.4. If you order different front designs or materials within the same order, everything will be shipped together and the delivery time for the entire order will be determined by the design or material with the longest delivery time.

5.5. Modifying your order could potentially impact the delivery time.

5.6. If the order is lacking any necessary information, such as unconfirmed colors, and production has already commenced, the delivery time will be influenced by when we receive the comprehensive details and when these details are required in the manufacturing process.

5.7. The precise delivery time will be confirmed after the shipping company schedules a delivery appointment with you.

5.8. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to schedule a installer only after you have received and inspected the goods. We cannot be held accountable for any expenses associated with third parties, such as compensation for installers etc.

5.9. The items will be delivered to the address you’ve provided in your order, typically at the sidewalk or street closest to that location, as accessible by the carrier.

5.10. For addresses that are difficult to reach, such as narrow streets, deliveries to islands without ferry service, or other obstacles, additional charges may apply.
It is of the utmost importance that you, as a customer, inform us of any hard-to-reach address details before placing a final order. This information helps us carefully plan and manage the delivery to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process, and to avoid any unwanted delays.

5.11. The items are shipped in packages arranged on a larger shipping pallet. We try to pack all the items so that they can be carried by one (1) person. However, for larger items, like cover sides or taller doors, it may be necessary to have at least two people available to handle the packages. We recommend that you plan for this when receiving the delivery.

5.12. When ordering items longer than 240 cm, the customer may, in some cases, need to provide assistance with unloading. If there is no such option available, a crane truck may be required, which will result in additional costs for you as the customer.

5.13. The carrier or Customkitchen does not provide inside delivery services and does not handle the removal of packaging or the shipping pallet on which the goods are delivered. If necessary, this must be arranged through an external party.

5.14. When ordering smaller items like sample doors, they can be delivered in a simple package to your nearest pickup point or agent.

5.15. As a customer, you are responsible for performing a thorough inspection upon delivery for any visible damages, as follows:

5.15.1. Inspect the shipping pallet, the packages on the pallet and the packaging for any visible damages. If any damage is discovered, it must be immediately documented in writing on the carrier’s/delivery point’s waybill, as the item inside the package may also be damaged.
After have made the notification about the damaged pallet and/or packaging you can proceed with receive the delivery and later check if there are damages on the items inside.
If visible damages are present and no notation is made, the goods are considered accepted in their current condition, and no opportunities for claims will be available.

Additionally, please ensure that photographs of the damages are taken as part of the documentation process. This will further assist in any potential claims or issues that may arise.

5.15.2. If any damage to the package is discovered during unpacking from the pallet, it is essential to promptly take pictures of the damage while the package is still on the pallet.

5.15.3. If you discover damage to the product when unpacking it from the package without visible damages to the package, it is important to immediately take pictures of the damage while the product is still in its packaging.

5.16. Report confirmed damages directly to Customkitchen via email, where you should send pictures and a brief description. Please note that claims that do not follow the instructions above will not be approved.



6. Return

6.1. Please note that there is no right of return for custom-made items.


7. Complaints

7.1. Any faults or deficiencies, including product defects, must be reported in writing via email no later than 10 days after receiving the goods.

7.2. Verbal complaints are not accepted. In order for a complaint to be considered valid, clear information about the fault or defects is required and must be documented with photographs.

7.3. If Customkitchen is deemed responsible for the fault or damage, we will replace the defective item free of charge within a reasonable timeframe or offer a price reduction in agreement with you as the customer.

7.4. You have the right to withhold payment of the final amount only to the extent that corresponds to the defective product until the complaint is resolved.


8. Limitation of Liability and Warranty

8.1. Our cabinet fronts are covered by a 2-year warranty for material defects.

8.2. When a defect arises, Customkitchen conducts an evaluation and determines if the warranty applies in the specific case. If the defect is covered by the warranty, Customkitchen and the buyer will agree whether to repair the defective product, replace it, or provide compensation with an economic value.

8.3. The warranty does not cover the following:

8.3.1. defects that occur due to alterations of the product’s function or appearance or due to improper usage;

8.3.2. normal wear and tear, including the natural change in color and shade over time;

8.3.3. damages caused by external forces (including impacts, scratches, water damage, heat damage, etc.);

8.3.4. damages that occur due to non-compliance with care instructions, including the use of inappropriate maintenance products and/or inadequate room conditions;

8.3.5. issues related to non-standardized products (such as problems with customer-specific solutions; significant alterations to standard dimensions of fronts; issues caused by changes in the amount and/or placement of hinges);

8.4. In addition to what is stated in these terms and conditions, Customkitchen holds no responsibility for delays by faults in the goods. Therefore, Customkitchen is not obligated to provide compensation to the Customer for expenses, production losses, loss of profits, or any other direct or indirect losses due to delays, faults, or deficiencies in the product. However, this limitation of liability applies only under the condition that Customkitchen has not acted with gross negligence.

8.5. Customkitchen’s sales representatives can provide advice based on their knowledge and information regarding the specific material and its intended use. However, the advice itself does not constitute a guarantee. The variety of potential applications for each material and product means that you, as the customer, should carefully assess the suitability of the material and product for your intended use.

8.6. Compensation for complaints should be considered as a goodwill gesture and should not be interpreted as an acknowledgment of fault or liability unless Customkitchen expressly acknowledges such fault or liability in writing.


9. Grounds for Exemption (Force Majeure)

9.1. If Customkitchen, due to circumstances beyond Customkitchen’s control (Force majeure), is prevented from fulfilling our commitment to you, this does not constitute a breach of the agreement.

10. Color Deviations for painted products

10.1. Our painted fronts are coated with 2-component polyurethane paint from Sayerlack or AkzoNobel. If a color is desired outside the standard color range (e.g., from Jotun, Becker, or Farrow & Ball), a spectrometer is used to match the color to the manufacturer’s catalog or sample. If the color is not found in any catalog that we possess, you must send us a sample piece of at least 5×5 cm with a smooth surface and an even layer of paint.

10.2. Please note that color codes are used solely as an indication of shade/color, and complete match with a sample piece or other colors in the same color code cannot be guaranteed due to various factors including application method, paint manufacturer, and different gloss levels.

10.3. If needed, you are welcome to order a color sample from us to compare it with the walls or other surfaces in your room you want to match. The price for each sample is 30€ per color and sheen.

10.4. Unless otherwise specified, we use semi-matte paint with a sheen level of 25 for our painted products. This sheen level is recommended for furniture and other carpentry.
For veneered products, we use a matte finish with a sheen level of 5. This ensures the right finish and provides a natural appearance.

10.5. The available sheen grades are 5, 10, 25 or 35. If you wish to order a sheen other than our standard, as stated above, you must ensure that the desired sheen grade is indicated on the order!


11. Color and Pattern Deviations for Veneer products

11.1. Veneer is a natural material and can exhibit variations in pattern and color, even on small surfaces. This is due to the natural characteristics of the material and is considered part of its charm and character.

11.2. It’s important to note that an ordered sample piece will not look exactly the same as the final cabinet doors or products.

11.3. By placing an order for veneer products, the customer acknowledges that they are aware that veneer is a natural material with inherent variations. The customer understands that these variations exist and accepts them.