1. Terms of purchase and sale

1.1. Price offer is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

1.2. The pricing is based on Customkitchen’s current material, production and transportation costs. By notifying the customer in advance, Customkitchen reserves the right to change the price quoted if the need arises due to circumstances beyond the control of Customkitchen, such as changes in currency rates and/or changes in material and/or production and/or transportation prices.

1.3. By confirming the order, you confirm the content of the order and you agree to our terms of purchase and sale. The order is confirmed and put into force after payment of the prepayment.

1.4. You are responsible for the accuracy of all data in the order. Therefore, we recommend checking all the items and data before ordering. Customkitchen is not able to verify the accuracy of the information provided by you.

1.5. All necessary remarks or changes must be made before the final confirmation of order is received. In case you wish to cancel or change the order after final confirmation and payment of an invoice, Customkitchen has the right to ask for a fee for the work already begun and the acquired material.

1.6. To change or cancel the order, send an email to the following address: info@customkitchen.eu. We do not accept changes made through phone call. When changing the order, you will receive a new order confirmation, the accuracy of which you must confirm again.

2. Prices and payment

2.1. Prices are shown in euros, with VAT, unless otherwise indicated. Any incorrectly entered price or currency unit (including due to typing errors) is considered to be the unit that was actually meant.

2.2. For finished and veneer items the minimum amount for a new order is 700€ + shipping (from 300€) + VAT. This term do not apply if you need additional items for existing order.

2.3. The manufacturing process starts after we have received 100% deposit to our bank account.

2.4. In case you with to cancel your order after the production has started we will refund you the order sum excl. the cost of the material and labor spent to that point.

2.5. All invoices will be sent to you by email. If you also wish to receive a paper invoice, an additional fee of €40 will be added.

2.6. In case of an unpaid invoice, a reminder fee of 30€ + VAT and interest at an interest rate of 8% per annum is added. In the event of continued non-payment, the case will be sent to the cash collector and the fee will be added to the invoice. Thereafter, fees of other legal services and expenses may be added.

3. Delivery time and shipping

3.1. The exact delivery time depends on the size of the order and the shipping destination. Currently valid delivery times are brought on our website’s frontpage. If changes are made after confirmation of the order, delivery time will be calculated from final changes.

3.2. The shipping company will contact you about the exact delivery date of the goods. You must notify us in case you wish to receive your goods later than our given delivery time. If the goods are already shipped and you cannot accept the goods within five business days, there will be an additional fee for the storage of the goods at the terminal (10% of the shipping cost for each subsequent day.

3.3. The goods will be delivered to the street (curbside) of the address indicated on the order or as close to the address as possible.

3.4. We recommend booking workers for installation after receiving and inspection of the goods. Customkitchen is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by a third party, for example,  compensation in a situation where the installers you have booked are not able to do the installation works due to defects in the goods.

3.5. Customkitchen’s priority is to adhere to specified delivery times. However, we can only determine the expected delivery time at the time of ordering and this should be viewed as an approximate time to complete the order until the goods are ready.

3.6. In case of delays, we will notify you as quickly as possible.

3.7. Delivery times can also be affected by circumstances that Customkitchen could not foresee or influence. Customkitchen is not liable for any delays or additional costs in a situation beyond the control of Customkitchen.

3.8. The price of transportation is calculated on the basis of the size and weight of the product and the pallet, and the destination of the goods. An additional fee may be charged for hard to reach places (islands, narrow streets, etc.). It is important to take into account that the transportation company does not deliver the goods into your house, but brings the pallet as close to your front door as possible.

3.9. On receipt of goods, you must check the goods as follows:

3.9.1. Carefully check and make sure that there are no visible damage to the goods or the pallet.

3.9.2. In case you discover any damage to the packaging or to the goods, you must add a written note to  transportation company’s waybill. In addition, you must take a photo of the detected damage and send it with a short description to info@customkitchen.eu

3.10. Customkitchen is not responsible for disposal of the pallet and packaging material.

3.11. Goods that cannot be handed over due to the recipient (e.g. the recipient is absent at the agreed time), are returned to the sender and the recipient must pay an additional transport fee.

4. Return of goods

Goods may be returned only by written agreement. Goods must be returned to the original sender in the same condition, in original packaging and packaged in the same manner as it was at the time of delivery to the customer. If the above conditions are not met, the goods cannot be returned. The cost of returning the goods is borne by the customer.

NB! Custom orders and already installed components cannot be returned.

5. Complaints

5.1. In case you find any defects, you must notify us by e-mail no later than 7 days after the receipt of goods. Oral complaints will not be accepted.

5.2. A claim must include precise description of defects along with photographic evidence.

5.3. Customkitchen is obliged to send a new product within a reasonable time and without additional charge, or offer financial compensation, in case Customkitchen is liable for particular defect.

5.4. Until the complaint has been resolved, you may refuse to pay the final invoice only to the extent equal to the cost of a damaged item.

6. Limitation of liability and warranty

6.1. Our products are subject to a 2-year warranty in case of a damage due to material or manufacturing defects. A warranty does not apply if the damage has been caused by modification or misuse by the customer.

6.2. In case of a defective product, Customkitchen will conduct an expertise and decide whether the specific defect is covered by the warranty. If the defect is covered by the warranty and upon the agreement of the parties of the sales contract, the defective product will be repaired or replaced with an equivalent product or compensated monetarily.

6.3. Warranty does not cover the following cases:

6.3.1. Natural wear or deterioration, incl. normal color changes over time.

6.3.2. Mechanical damage, incl. notches, impact footprints, scratches, traces of friction etc.

6.3.3. Any damage caused due to external forces, incl. water and fire damage.

6.3.4. Damage caused by home appliance or any other appliance (e.g. due to heat, humidity or steam exposure).

6.3.5. Damages caused due to violation of maintenance or cleaning requirements, incl. unsuitable room conditions and/or the usage of unsuitable cleaning products.

6.3.6. Problems regarding non-standard products (e. g. problems related to products with customers’ own  designs and/or product dimensions; problems related to significantly changing the standard dimensions of drawers and/or fronts;  problems related to changing the number and/or position of hinge cupholes). 

6.4. In a situation where the customer cannot use the product due to product defects, faults or delivery overdue, Customkitchen is not required to compensate for any losses or expenses caused to the customer, including loss of productivity, loss of revenue, or any additional costs.

6.5. Our representatives are happy to consult on features and usage of different materials but the advice cannot be considered as a guarantee. You as a customer must also carefully assess the appropriateness of usage of particular material and product. 

6.6. Customkitchen is not responsible for the final functional use of kitchens and wardrobes.

6.7. If Customkitchen has not acknowledged its fault in respect to any damage caused to the claimant in writing, the compensation offered by Customkitchen should be considered as a statement of goodwill.

6.8. In a situation where CustomKitchen has erroneously entered incorrect data (including due to a typo) on a price quotation or order confirmation, the incorrectly marked data is considered to be the data that was actually considered. Customkitchen must notify the customer about changed data (e.g., increase of a price), and in case of a disagreement, the customer has the right to cancel the order.

7. Force Majeure

Failure to perform or improper performance of an obligation by Customkitchen will not be considered a breach of contract if it was due to the occurrence of Force Majeure, i.e. unforeseen event that Customkitchen could not control, influence or prevent.