“Framed-in” doors and drawer fronts

For IKEA cabinet frames, the so-called “framed in” doors and drawer fronts can be achieved by installing spacer strips between as well as below and on top of the cabinet frame. On the sides of the cabinets regular side panels are installed. Spacer strips should extend 21–22mm beyond the cabinet frame to align with doors and drawer panels.
Accordingly, the spacer strips should be mounted in front. We recommend that you order slightly longer spacer strips than you need, since then you can cut them precisely on the spot and achieve the best final results.

Use a 20cm wide cover panel as a spacer strip.

It is important to take into account that the installation of the trip on a lower cabinet raises the height of the working top by the thickness of the strip.

We do not provide installation tools, such as screws, tapes and angle brackets.

Fitting method:

Spacer strips are visible only on the front of the frame, so 20cm is a sufficient width for the strips. However, side panels that extend to the wall should be used on the outside or visible sides of the kitchen.

Spacer strips are installed between all frames and will extend outside of the frame by 21–22mm. Spacer strips are attached to the frame sides with screws (by screwing through the frame into the spacer strip). If vertically and horizontally mounted spacer strips are connected to each other, we recommend pre-drilling the necessary holes to prevent cracks.


If you wish to create a uniform frame around the doors and drawers, you can order unfinished filler strips, and, after the installation, cover the gaps with putty and paint the entire strip. For even more uniform results, we also recommend to order all other details such as doors and drawers in an unfinished form.