Drawer front

Drawers are generally in the base cabinets and are opened by pulling out. Our drawer fronts are pre-drilled for IKEA’s drawer fittings and can be installed as easily as genuine IKEA products. Our fronts are not pre-drilled for buttons and handles.

Kitchen drawer fitting holes are drilled for Maximera (Metod frames).

If a drawer panel is extended from one side, standard drawer drilling holes remain unchanged.

We do not provide drawers (you must buy these from IKEA).

In addition to those made for IKEA, we also offer drawer fronts for other frames. To do this, we need a precise measurement of the door and the location of hinge and drawer drilling holes. Ask us for guidance and we will help you to take the right measurements.


If you want to connect multiple drawers, use IKEA’s front panel connection rails, part number: 602.635.88, and for dishwasher part number: 503.086.05